Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the Titip App. Below are the terms and conditions for the use of the app. Please read the following Terms of Service carefully before using this app.

In order to be a user of this app, you must read and accept all terms and condition in this app and you must give consent to the processing of your personal data as described in the Privacy Policy. Titip has the right to amend/change, limit, or stop all features or any part of this app as required by law or local government policy at any time without prior notice. Titip also has the right to refuse to grant access or give permission to open the app to you for any reason.

These Terms and Conditions are the form of agreements written up and agreed between Titip and the user. If there are parts or all terms and conditions that are not agreed to by the user, then the user is not permitted to use this app.


The following are the meanings of the terms used:

Account, Password and Security

  1. We are authorized to take the necessary actions for alleged violations of applicable law, including account blocking or deletion without prior notice.
  2. Users are prohibited from creating tools or systems that are used to commit fraud / manipulation of systems / data in the transaction.
  3. Titip has the right to delete / deactivate your account / balance if there is a content of fraud in using this application.
  4. The user will maintain the confidentiality of the account and password and will not share this information with other parties for all user activities to avoid the possibility of fraud committed by outsiders.
  5. Titip App is not responsible for all losses or problems that arise due to negligence by the user.

User Payments, Transactions, and Balance

  1. The buyer agrees to make the payment after receiving confirmation of the requested products from the traveler.
  2. Payment can be made via bank transfer or the use of credit card that will be reconfirmed by the traveler after payment is received.
  3. Titip app is not responsible for any form of negligence / error during the process of transferring balances into a bank account due to errors in entering account information by users.
  4. If a refund occurs due to a transaction that has been canceled and approved by the buyer and traveler, then the funds will be returned in the form of Balance in the Titip app.

Total Prices, Costs and Shipping

Total Prices and Costs

The total price displayed in the Titip app is as follows:

  1. Product price + Traveler fee
    This total price will be explained by traveler. The jastip provider can combine total prices directly or provide detailed details for the price of the original product and traveler fee.
  2. Application fee
    Every item offered by the traveler, there will be charged from the Titip app, which acts as a mediator and provider of a safe and reliable service system.
  3. Shipping Fee
    Shipping process will use a local courier (if applicable) and the shipping fee information will be provided by the traveler and to be approved by the buyer before making a transaction.


  1. The traveler will process the product shipment using a delivery service that has been agreed by both parties (buyer and traveler).
  2. If the delivery address information provided by the buyer is incomplete or unclear, the traveler is willing to contact the buyer to get complete information about the intended address, in order to avoid the wrong process / failed to send due to an incomplete address.
  3. The product must be sent in good condition, and the traveler will make their best effort to ensure that the product sent is packaged properly so that it will be received by the buyer in good condition.
  4. Titip application is not responsible in the form if there is a damage in the delivery of the product, but we will try our best to be wise and take fair steps to help the process of resolution, should there be any dispute occurs.

Type of Items

Titip app will always obey all applicable regulations including customs & excise regulations, the following items are not permitted to be transacted under this app, but are not limited to the following: Alcohol, Rifles, Airsoft Guns, Swords, Sharp Weapons, Animals, Plants, High capacity batteries, and Narcotics & Illegal Drugs.

Titip app is not responsible for all purchases of goods which are prohibited by applicable laws and regulations in accordance with those stated above.

Import Duty and Tax

For items purchased overseas, users are responsible for paying the import duty and tax in accordance with regulations established by the Minister of Finance. Titip is not responsible if there are obstacles in the delivery of goods caused by the user's negligence in paying import duty or tax. Detailed import duty and tax rates can be seen in this link.